Adventure Awaits. Welcome to Our Urban Oasis.

From a far-off shore he has come. A nameless, worldly man of ports and people. Lost at sea in grief over the infamous Black Tot Day, when the daily rum ration of the Queen’s Navy ended, along with his dreams and aspirations. Blinded by thirst and rage, he sailed across the seas and took on Poseidon himself! Alas, a shipwreck has brought him to shore in the Queen City. Washed up with flotsam, he has found a paradise of treasures and fine food where every sailor gets their tot. Paradise in every sip. 


Monday and Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday & Thursday: 5pm-11pm

Friday & Saturday: 5pm-1am

Sunday: 5pm-11pm

(704) 684-3068

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933 Louise Ave Suite 350, Charlotte, NC 28204